Central and Eastern Massachusetts based commercial and portrait photographer. Specialization is food and personal branding photography. I can work with you to create images for different usages such as: For your website, social media platforms, marketing, media Kits, business profile, blogs, magazines, books, etc. “ People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic” Seth Godin
Photograph of group of red cherries on a cuttingboard
Photograph of red cherries in a glass
Photograph of red plums on a silver plate
Photograph of plate of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
Photograph of white bowl with dark cherries.
Photograph of coffee cake on a cutting board
Photograph of a slice of apple pie
Photograph of a green pair with melted chocolate
Photograph of chocolate cupcake with pieces of chocolate candy
Flat lay photograph of cupcakes with string of pearls
Flat lay Photograph of a box of chocolates
Photograph of a pan of chocolate cooking with pieces of chocolate candy
Photograph of red pepper on a fork with red smoke
Photograph of group of hard boiled eggs
Photograph of group of apricots
Photograph of lemon being dropped into dish
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