Have you been using stock photography that is generic and doesn’t represent you and your brand? I custom design each photo shoot to help capture you and your brand/business. You need images to help you stand out from the crowd.

I can work with you to create images for different usages such as:

For your website Social media platforms Marketing Media Kits Business profile Blogs Magazines, books, etc.

“ People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic” Seth Godin


Questions you may have before your photoshoot
There are so many questions and uncertainties that one has when seeking a photographer. I wanted to take a few minutes to try to answer some of the most common questions out there.
Q: What if I want something specific from my shoot? I'm afraid of offending the photographer by asking. A: I can only answer for myself on this one, but I love it when you are clear about your desires and expectations! We can make sure that the right location and setting has been chosen and make sure everything is set to meet your expectations. I want to listen to you and exceed your expectations. Any good photographer will give you input based on what you want, but it's your shoot! The more you tell me before hand, the more perfect it will be in the results!
Q: I’m not comfortable in front of the camera. How can you help me? A: When we book your shoot you can download a detailed pre-shoot preparation guide to help you get ready for the day of. Knowing what to expect & being prepared is one step closer to getting more comfortable. I also make myself available by phone, email or text so that we can talk through any concerns or questions you may have. My job is to give you clear direction before & during the photo shoot. You won’t have to figure any of it out yourself. I am here for you.
Q: What should I wear? A: Pre-shoot information will be available to download
Q: Where would we do the photo shoot? A. In the studio or on location. After our consultation we will discuss various location options within the area depending on weather & the time of day of the photo session.
What are your prices? A. Pricing information is included in the download
Q: How do I pay? A. I accept credit cards, pay pal, cash or check.
Q: Do you require a security deposit for booking? A: 50% deposit is requested to secure your appointment with me. The deposit will be credited to the total bill after the shoot.
If you still have questions send me a message using the Contact Form and I will get back to you ASAP!
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